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Eine Felszeichnung in Privatbesitz. In der Nähe von Bukoba, am Viktoriasee, Tansania.


Rock paintings are a significant human cultural treasure. They can be 30,000 years old and are partly protected by the UNESCO as a cultural heritage. Despite this, however, and as Mary Leaky regretfully mentioned and we could experience on site, they are in danger.

Hobby archeologists and non-cautious tourists represent a potential hazard. They touch the rock paintings with their hands or with pointed sticks, or even dampen them with water in order to trace them, a method recommended on a hobby archeologist website.

Many people in the region, but also tourists, do not know the value of the rock art, so that people’s personal contemporary paintings or graffiti can, in a few places, be found next to antique rock art or even covering these.

Rock Art


We have made it our mission to preserve and disseminate this rock art in order to decorate our homes with it, with luminous lampshades, artistic graphic reproductions or soft cushions.

Every object in our studio is a unique item. We photographed the rock paintings at the location without using a flashlight ourselves and they were then disembedded from the photograph by a textile designer and projected onto the different home textile products.

We feel committed to the region, in which the rock paintings were discovered and would like to return something to the region. Therefore, we are using part of the proceeds for the long-term support of regional, social projects.


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